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Housekeeping On Wheels

Hello, My name is Katie Hester. I am a single mother of two. I am 28 years old. I have worked in the hotel field for the last 8 years, Cleaning and supervising. Cleaning is my passion. I know some people just look at it as just cleaning, but I don't. I look at it in many different ways, Like making someone happy, Helping someone out, Those are the things that makes me happy. When I can do something to make someone else smile makes my heart smile. I am good at cleaning an that's something I know I can do to make others smile. I started my own cleaning service so that I can help out the senior citizens and elderly people that don't have the energy to clean. The disable people that can't clean. I feel Just because they can't clean don't mean, They shouldn't be able to live in a clean environment. I want to offer jobs to those that's on the wal-fare and unemployment program, To give them a chance to get back into the workfield. I want to help my community and give back. I know everyone has a dream or a passion just like me. I feel if I'm going to live life, I'm going to live it chasing my dream and pursing my passion, But I need some help along the way. I hope that you can find it in your heart not just to help me, But to become apart of my dream an passion. By supporting me or helping me out financially or materials like vacuums, cleaning supplies or just your support. I thank you for what ever it is. I thank you more for taking the time out to just read this. Thank you for your blessings!      Ms. Hester

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